Good Entry Level Electric Guitar

Are you looking for your first guitar? In fact, it is not a hard job to find a right entry level electric guitar or an acoustic because most of the big name guitar makers intruded entry level guitar product lines. These guitars are affordable and the quality control is well.

Before you order your guitar, you should think about the sound style you like and what kind of music you like. The sound of an electric guitar are determined by two thing mainly, the body style and pickup.

There are three types of electric guitar body: hollow body, semi-hollow body and solid body. Solid body guitars generally make woody sound which is more great instruments for jazz music. Solid body sound is brighter.

As to pickups, there are two kinds of pickups: the single coil and humbucker.  Single coil pickups make cool glassy sound while humbucker pickups make warmer and more sustain sound.

Some entry level electric guitar brands

  • Epiphone
  • Squier

If you want to buy a good beginner electric guitar, check out :

How much should you pay for your first electric guitar?

My suggestion is don’t buy too high price guitar as your beginner guitar. How ever, you should buy the best within your budget. $200 to 500 is a reasonable price range. You can find some decent beginner electric guitars via internet under the price of 200 bucks.


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