Best Electric Guitar For Beginner

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the planet. People learn to play guitar for a career or just a hobby because the beautiful sound from the guitars and they are relatively easy to learn. Almost every band have at least one guitar in it.

electric-guitar-for-beginnerThere are mainly two type of guitar (not include bass guitar) :acoustic and electric. The major difference between the two is acoustic guitars do not need any electric device to make a sound. Acoustic guitars are cheaper and easy to carry but a little hard to learn because of the high actions( the distance between strings and fretboard). Electric guitars are easy to learn and with the help of amplifiers, you can make various sound effects even you are just a beginner.

So if you decide to learn electric guitar first, you should start to learn something about it. When you shop for your first electric guitar, you will find 3 types. The solid body , the hollow body, and semi-hollow body are the three type of electric guitar. Which one you should choose? A little confused? Solid body means the guitar body is made of a solid wood and hollow body or semi-hollow body is hollow. Solid guitar must use amplifier to make sound out. Hollow body guitars are considered better for jazz music. Therefore, choose the body type of your first electric guitar based on the music styles you like most.

When shopping for beginner electric guitar, always ask yourself some questions like “how much should I pay for my first guitar?” , “which brand should I choose?”, Which features do I need?”. By answering these questions, you will find the right guitar for you.

How mush should you pay for your beginner electric guitar?

First thing you must know is don’t buy too expensive ones. For beginners, it is unnecessary to spend like $1000 to buy a premium guitar. If you give up guitar learning for some reason, you will lose that too much money. The next thing is don’t buy too cheap guitars. These are not guitars; they are just toys for little kids. The bad sound will frustrate you to quit before you explore your music talent.

 Which brand should you choose?

Choose the best brand as you can with in your budget. The big brands mean high and stable quality at most time. Almost every big brand has entry level products at a acceptable price. Epiphone and Squier are good options. Don’t choose the not famous brands unless you have an experienced guitarist besides you.

What features do you need?

For beginners, there is no need to buy a full featured guitar. A good beginner electric guitar should have a tone and a volume control to adjust sound effects. You must learn how to adjust the amps to get desired sound.



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